Welcome to all things Cheese and Wine. 

For any event combining these two ingredients is sure to be Decadent and Opulent. But wait there’s more..... 

At Sundance we like to do things a little different, there is no "one size fits all" approach. We understand that every event has its own unique flavour, fundamental requirements and the desire to exceed expectations. That’s where Sundance comes in. Ta da! 

Give me a snap shot on your event, your initial ideas of what you want. Perhaps you don’t know yet and that’s fine too. My mission is to ensure your event is a ‘kick, pow, wow, BOOM. What just happened?’ kind of success. I will draw on my team of extra creative, flamboyant boundary pushing personalities and design a plan for you. It may be a simple team building function but Jatz crackers and Colby tasty are not what you had in mind. Maybe you want to host a private VIP function where you want to wow your guests and a little extra entertainment is needed. Sundance would love to assist you!