Hosting an event...thinking about it... don't know where to start?

One thing's for sure "give 'em an act with lots of flash in it, and the reaction will be passionate."

Whether it's a small intimate gathering or a large corporate function it is essential to entertain your guests. I ask.....Why have an event if it's going to be dull, average and OUCH...its noted your guests left early. At Sundance we are acutely aware that it is about the details that make for a 'far out brussel sprout' successful event.

I will offer you a plethora of ideas to enhance, inspire and have your guests talking about your event for weeks to follow. My primary role in assisting your event is to ensure you have the right entertainment. It may be a solo performer or an ensemble of Artistic flair that is required. I have dancers, musicians, roving characters, comedic skits, meet and greet hosts waiting in the kick line. I'm itching to get started.... this is my passion!

Let me help you.