A controversial title never killed nobody, but it certainly started some chins wagging. And yours will too when you experience a HBL accessory. 

Hand made, recycled, and unique, channelling the feminine glamour of the 1920's. This is the newest addition to Sundance Enterprise and an essential one if you love beautiful things. This accessory is designed to capture and enhance the beauty of the female face. Wearing HBL will draw attention to your assets......no darling I was referring to your eyes. It will also take care of a high forehead (if it bothers you) and ensure you are an artistic smash amongst the crowds! Guaranteed not to be found in the countless aisles of Target. 

I have pre made options available or if you would like to specify signature colours I can make to order within reason. My philosophy behind HBL is to use what is already available to me. I aim to buy nothing new but rather hunt, seek and gather materials that are pre-loved. Sustainable and ethical fashion! Now that's what I love!

Check out the photo gallery or call Sunday on 0404 045 015.